To The Universal Alliance – Regarding the Creatures of 34R7H

ATTENTION: UA Oversight: Group MW Commander,

Research notes on planet 34R7H

Upon the arrival of our research team to 34R7H, we noted the complete domination of the planet by a primitive carbon based species. Finding a perch high above a coastal region where some these creatures were accumulated, we began our observations. We observed their movements carefully, noting each pose, each emotion exhibited. The complete movements observed can be seen in the Captain’s notes. The following is our summary and sub-sequential assessment.

These creatures are gangly, long and frail, and easily broken. This was evident in the many injured or immobile among them. They consume too much or too little, leaving many of these creatures grotesquely large, or at a state or evisceration known to be harmful. The males are larger than the females, and perform awkward dances to get the attention of a mate, evidenced by their puffed up breast and angry stances. These physical displays led to many altercations among them, some causing cognitive injuries, some physical. In a number of these incidents the results were fatal. The females of the species leave the wiser males behind in favor of the stronger, louder males. In the dark some moved alone, others traveled in pairs. There were many more in the light, swarming about in larger groups. These groups must be for working as larger numbers create higher productivity, though no apparent goal could be seen.

These creatures seem dissatisfied with their work. Perhaps this is because they have no goal to strive toward. Some cried out in pain, others in boredom, some simply stood on the sand below our perch, watching the waves. The sea’s enormity must be an ethereal thing to them, these small creatures; the sea here is so immense; it goes on forever on the horizon. We do not believe these simple selfish creatures grasp the vastness of it.

We cannot make comparisons of these beings to any we know well. All of the creatures we have noted previously had reason, a goal toward which they worked in unison. These creatures meander about with no visible pattern or purpose. While they have achieved primitive language, they have not evolved so far as to have meaningful communication between members of the species. They show no common goal, no greater meaning than each of their individual lives. Their behavior is troubling, each out for its own gain. They have destroyed much of the ecosystem here, to what end, we cannot be sure. They lash out at the world around them, shaping it to their comfort and use.

It is my conclusion as Research Captain that there is clearly no intelligent life here. There are two possible paths we might take; returning in some years to see if their species has improved, if they have evolved; though I do not think the area will survive their current rate of consumption. These creatures continued abuse of their habitat, their destructive and violent nature, pose a significant threat to this planet’s continued existence. It is my recommendation therefore that we employ the second of the paths laid before us and assign this planet to the office of Enforcement. This planet’s value could only increase were these harmful creatures eradicated. We will be moving on to quadrant 22MW-4 in hopes the search there will yield better results.

Pthoart Frsuk,

UA Research Captain 50390,

UA Ship 36-B