We all love shopping. Want to ensure every dollar you spend means more than the object you’re purchasing? Then buy from these companies, each of which is philanthropically inclined goal alongside their profits.

2. Market Colors – Sells products that are made in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Malawi. Head product is 100% hand made and accompanied by a product card that provides details about the African Craftsmen who made it. Proceeds go to the Craftsmen’s income.
3. Nightlight International – Committed to addressing the complex issues of commercial sexual exploitation. This organization uses funds to help those who have been exposed to help provide them hope, intervention and assistance.
4. Rebuild Globally – employs Haitians with no jobs to re-purpose tires and trash into beautiful accessories.

5. Skyline Socks – Every pair of socks purchased donates another pair to someone in need in that city.

6. Better World Books – Every book that is purchased there is another book donated to Books for Africa or Feed the Children.
7. Yoobi – Sells colorful office and school supplies that donates supplies back to U.S. Schools in need.
8. The Company Store – For every comforter sold another is donated to a homeless child in the United States.
9. Out of Print Clothing – Each purchase helps to fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need. Sells T-shirts and apparel printed with covers of classic literature, donates one book to Books for Africa for every product purchased.
10. Hand in Hand – For every bar or bottle of soap purchased, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and a month of clean water to a child in need.
11. Faucet Face – For each of their glass water bottles purchased, Faucet Face donates the profit from the sale as well as a water filter to the clean drinking water charity
12. Twice As Warm – For every winter clothing item purchased from Twice as Warm, one is donated to a local shelter.
13. Baby Teresa – For each baby outfit purchased on Baby Teresa, an outfit is donated to another child. The company also donates a portion of their accessories sales to provide baby formula in orphanages.
14. Panda – Panda sells bamboo sunglasses and proceed from each purchase provide an eye exam and prescription glasses for school-aged children through the Optometry Giving Sight organization.
15. Roma – For each pair of Roma boots you purchase, they will donate a pair filled with school supplies to a child in need.
16. One World Play Project – For each ball purchased from the One World Play Project, a ball will be given to disadvantaged youth in communities worldwide.
17. We-Wood Watches – We-Wood plants a tree for every watch purchased.
18. Lush Charity Pot – Give a tub of body lotion made with organic, fair-trade cocoa butter and every penny of the purchase price goes to small, grassroots charities and projects working on behalf of the environment and conservation, animal protection, and for human rights.
19. Love Your Melon – Buy a hat, one will be donated to a child battling cancer.
20. Ivory Ella – A portion of every purchase goes to helping and saving the elephants.
21. Ten Tree – 10 trees are planted for every item sold.
22. Better Life Bags – Our mission is to hire women who have various barriers to employment to make our custom leather and fabric bags. They are adopted into our Better Life family and given a chance to succeed in life, family, and friendship.
24. Puravida Bracelets – Bracelets designed by fundraiser. Buy a bracelet and part of the proceeds go to your selected charity.
25. The Giving Keys – Jewelry with re-purposed keys. A company that employs those transitioning out of homelessness.
26. To Write Love On Her Arms – To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.
27. Raven & Lily – Handmade from locally sourced woods and metallic leathers by marginalized women in Northern India. Proceeds from this collection go to fund literacy programs for the women artisans and their children in the community.
28. Satya Jewelry – Part of the proceeds go towards helping children in need through out the world.
29. Cuddle and Kind– Buy a doll and feed 10 hungry children.
30. Project 7 – *Great Stocking Stuffer* the company’s primary mission is to give back to seven areas of need (save the earth, house the homeless, feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, heal the sick, teach them well, and hope for peace).
31. Shopping For A Change – Shopping for a Change employs artisans in struggling communities and use the 50% of proceeds from sales to fund community improvement projects (e.g. clean water, health care, and education).
32. F.E.E.D – Every product has a number stamped on it that shows the number of meals that are being donated as a result of that purchase.
33. Sock Panda – For every pair purchased another is donated to someone in need.
34. LSTN Sound – For every product sold, proceeds are donated to help provide hearing aids to those in need around the world, Sells headphones, ear buds, speakers etc.
35. GiveScent – For every bottle of Givescent Orange sold, $2 is donated to Every Mother Counts (a campaign to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth). In addition, 5% of proceeds from Givescent Signature and Givescent Green are donated to Women International, which supports female survivors of war.
36. Noodle & Boo –   Skin care products for Mommy and baby that donate a big chunk of their profits to children’s charities like St. Jude’s, Save the Children, Keep a Child Alive, and Compassion.
37. P.S. I Adore You – a HUGE variety of products that donate a large amount of the proceeds to children battling cancer.
38. LoKai – “If you reach a peak, stay grounded by sharing your success. When you hit a low, gain perspective by helping others”. We strive for balance by donating 10% of our net profits to charitable partners. Also has Limited Time Offer bracelets for new charities.
39. Devoted To The Ocean – clothing and jewelry company that donates 20% of the proceeds to Sea Turtle Rescue and Ocean Conservation Programs.
40. Third Eye Gemstones – Each bracelet from Third Eye Gemstones provides 1,500 liters (30 days) of clean drinking water to someone in need.
41. Alex & Ani: Charity By Design – A variety different Charities to choose from. Each bracelet donates part of the proceeds to your chosen charity.
42. TOMs – every pair purchased donates a pair AND if you purchase a pair of sunglasses you are providing prescription eyewear, sight-seeing surgery or medical treatment. to someone in need around the world.
43. Barnabas – provides hospice care to men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in western Kenya.
44. SoapBox Soaps – When you buy a bar of soap or a bottle of body wash , they’ll donate a bar of soap, fresh drinking water or vitamins to children around the world.
45. 2 Degree’s Food – *great stocking stuffer* gluten free, GMO free. When you purchase any bar the company donates a meal to a hungry child.
46. BOGO Bowl – Every bag of premium pet food sold, another is donated an animal shelter or pet rescue.
47. Everything Happy – Purchase an item, then choose where you want to donate another.
48. Charity Miles – AN APP!!!! You turn miles you run into real money for charity! You can
choose from 20 different charities including Stand Up to Cancer, Feeding America, and Autism Speaks. For every mile you run or walk, $.25 is donated to your chosen organization and for every mile you bike, $.10 is donated.
49. Beers Not Bombs – “Bettering the world one beer at a time” , unique bottle openers made from dismantled nuclear weapons. The company donates 20% of profits to non-profits like Doctors without Borders and the Peace Corps.
50. FROM WAR TO PEACE Sells a variety of things like Beers Not Bombs.


51. Radiant Cosmetics – This cosmetics company donates at least 20% of their profits to anti-trafficking organizations.
52. Indego Africa – partners with women artisans in Rwanda to create products and then re-invests 100% of the profits into training programs on business development and financial literacy for these very artisans.
53. Sir Richards Condoms – This company works to promote global health by donating condoms to developing countries to help prevent the spread of disease.
54. OneHope Wine – Each bottle has a certain amount of money designated for a specific charity and then lets you pick where another portion goes.
55. Swell Blankets – For every blanket purchased, Swell Forever makes a donation to our adoption fund.
There’s plenty of options to choose from! Get shopping!





This list was compiled by Tara Murphy.

Header image courtesy of https://oilyss.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/heal-the-world.jpg


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