The “StEin”/”StAin” Conundrum

Hello Internet Universe. My name is Megan, and I am not from here. After much confusion, research and discussion, I have discovered that this current reality was not always MY reality. I am from another Universe entirely, though one closely related to this one. Put simply, I am from an Alternate Reality.

I know, I know, crazy right? But honestly, this seems to me to fulfill Occam’s Razor – the simplest answer is usually the right one. Why do I think that being from another reality is the simplest answer? Let me explain.

I was born in 1987, in Northern Virginia, close to our nation’s Capital. I am now 29 years old, and still have very vivid childhood memories. I spent most holidays and summers at my Grandparents farm with extended family, or traveling the country in my parents RV. My sister and I were home schooled for three years, our mother being our teacher. My mother made a point to give us a classroom, maps and all manner of books. I loved books growing up,¬† and would read and re-read books that I especially liked. One of my favorite series when I was young was The Berenstein Bears. The series even had a TV show, which originally ran from 1985 to 1987, though several stations ran re-runs up until i was around 10 in 1998. I remember the theme song, the large bubble letters at the opening, and the spelling and pronunciation of Berenstein, with what I consider to be VIVID accuracy. Much to my confusion, it was recently pointed out to me that one of my most beloved series was actually The Berenstain Bears. BerenstAin. I was utterly befuddled. I was expressly taught the correct pronunciation of words growing up, one of the reasons that today I have was is referred to as a “non-regional diction,” in that, I do not have an accent.

I started wondering if I had simply remembered wrong. I tried to find pictures online of the old books I remember as a child, video clips of the show, anything that would prove that it was, in fact, BerenstEin. While I did not succeed in this endeavor, I did find something else. I was not alone. Hundreds of people have expressed in different blogs and comments that they too recalled BerenstEin, and were as certain as I was that the correct spelling and pronunciation was with an “E”.

How could this be? How could so many people recall a memory that was seemingly false? I began doing some more digging and discovered a theory called The Mandela Effect. Apparently, there are thousands of people with the exact same supposedly wrong memory. Over a series of different topics and historical events, while the majority remember things as they would be if you were to look them up right now, a large minority remember things differently. Some of the memories cataloged on The Mandela Effect’s website, linked above, are subtle changes like the E or A in Berenstein, whether or not Curious George has a tail (he does not, in this reality, though I remember him having a tail and the theme song that referred to him as a curious little monkey), while others are larger historical changes, like whether Nelson Mandela died in prison, or was released and became a great leader. The thing that gets me though, is the sheer number of people, who have never met each¬† other, all have the exact same wrong memory. Details like News headlines, seeing the televised funerals of people who, in this reality are still living.

If everyone around me told me it was A and it always had been, I may write that off as myself being forgetful, it must have been A, I am just remembering it wrong. But when 85% of the people you ask which spelling they remember, they say BerenstEin, and they are sure, and completely floored when told that no, in fact it is A and always has been. I have seen reactions to this something akin to an existential crisis, as my personal reaction was. There is no way I remember this wrong.

So tell me, internet humans, do you remember E or A? Does Curious George have a tail? Are there things you remember in such detail, yet no one seems to remember whatever it was actually happening? Is this a mass delusion on a global scale that happens to span a series of topics and memories? Or is it possible that some people’s consciousness’ shifted from one reality to another, causing them to remember a childhood that occurred elsewhere?


Please leave your comments, or any strange memories you have that you are certain happened despite what others may tell you.



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